Catch Up

Take a breath

Take a minute

Try for 2

You’re committed

Feels so good

Let it go

Catch Up

to YOU.IMG_0937


Back to the Balance

I don’t get along with exhaustion. Can’t spell the word. (thank you spell check).

My mind wanders as critical mass occurs so I go with it and new perspective shows up.

The window in my room now frames a cypress tree I planted years ago. Some sanity.

Runaways, sudden deaths, high emotions, everyday pressures…not sure how I feel.

I just feel.

SO here I am.  Who are YOU I ask each day. Where do you fit in the balance of all things this day. THIS day.  I’ve become the idea I’ve wanted to create so now I’m deep into it, and I look for a bit of a “breather” to head my way so I can renew and come back to the balance.

I step into the yard and let the chill of the morning take hold as I feel the good life below coming up through my bare feet to fill me.  I wonder how others live without doing this or feeling it then remind myself you “get it” even if you don’t “get it”.  The good earth provides.

So off to the races of living I go and rest will come or change will change-up the entire game. I have no doubt that something is brewing.

I can feel it.

Back to Balance.


(pats heart, and points to this day)

And so this Passing

I love comparing my year to another trip around the sun. Wheeeeeee!

Here I sit on day one of my NEW TRIP! I already like the sound of that, right? Doesn’t it just SING adventure?

I do reflect on what’s happening in my life but now I find most of it is done on the go. Something happens. I respond to it and then reflection is right there. In my face. Smakadoodle!  People may see my expression as a long distance look in my eyes. See?  I’m inside reflecting! I find it very handy to carry the burden of something with me. That is not an option anymore. It either needs my attention or I’m letting it go. One little reflection after the other.

I  have to use those brain cells to remember where I left my keys and where I parked the car. Important stuff. 🙂

I embrace this next round.

I’m ready because today is……… IT.

I’m willing because today I……… CAN.

I’m able because I choose to………BE.

(pats heart, and points to the trip ahead)



The scales tip from side to side.

In silence I absorb, reflect, process then let go to the highest good it will become.

My light has flickered in a whirling sadness then brightened with the task at hand.

Knowing and feeling, and surrounded by chaos it pulls and releases more love.

My arms…wide open. My thoughts… already there.

I see it inside.

Please open.

(pats heart, and points to all of us)




Where progress is made

In small doses it comes. Some of this and more of that. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking and thinking. I’m wrapping my head around questions, and possibilities.

We live in a world where there’s not too much time to think. We have to do it on the go now. Driving, working, sharing relationships while our minds are in a tailspin of all that has gone on and all that continues to unfold. This multitasking can take its toll on our mind, body, and soul.

Are we  evolving with our understanding of this connection, knowing our work is not done? No time to consider? Push it away for a better time? I can guarantee you it will manifest in far more harmful forms. Yes, I’m willing to feel, think, feel more, and be awake for the future.

The sorting out of what comes next is so important to consider.  What role will I (we) play?

Thankfully my questions are aimed  at my higher self to find the answers to what is tangled up in the unknown for now.

I  hold love like a light in the darkness and  will  continue to hold it because it’s mine and there’s a sense of duty in my words.

I am thinking, and keeping the light. I know that we are the answers we seek. And I  want you to remember that nature is already a miracle in this human experience.

(pats heart, and points to all of us)


After the Rain

But first this:   When it the clouds opened up, I couldn’t stop myself. I was moving from an inner level… out the door, down the steps, and into the yard. I looked up and let it wash over me. Aaron came to the door, and smiled in his quiet way with knowing in his eyes.  We spoke no words.  He just nodded his head in understanding and look out at the rain.

After the rain. Yes, after the dance of the thirsty plants I wandered through the yard letting my bare feet take in a good Earthing as I took IN the nurturing.

After the rain anyone?